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Bound by fate. Annaliese can’t escape the world around her…or love!

Since a child, Annaliese has always watched life from the shadows of the kingdom. Her existence was known to very few. Only those whom the queen trusted most knew of Annaliese and were able to see her. But they weren’t enough for Annaliese. She was lonely and felt like a caged bird within the castle’s walls.
While in the shadows of the kingdom, Annaliese’s path is crossed with Elder Li, the fiercest elder, and warrior in the kingdom. Instantly, she feels an unexplainable connection to him and spends the next few years admiring him from afar.
When Annaliese is finally of age, King Theo calls for a meeting with the Council of Elders to reveal her to the elders and the rest of the kingdom. Annaliese must now come face to face with the man who makes her knees weak and butterflies flutter in her stomach. Will she be able to gain enough nerve to step into the light? Or will she remain in the shadows?

**Books 1-4 can be read out of order**

Trick or Treat Read

Trick or Treat! This book is all treats. Grab your copy today for $0.99.



Halloween Desires

He was everything a woman would want in and out of the bedroom, or so Adrienne imagined. Watching him from across the gym, she dreamed what it would be like to be pressed against his bare skin. Every day they crossed each other’s paths and each day, she made her way to the opposite side of the gym.

With Halloween just around the corner, she needed to find a date for the party. She was new to the skinny world and still locked inside her timid shell. Will she gain the courage to ask her mysterious crush or will she let him slip away?

The Demon Hunter is Back

“The Soul Healer” by B. Groves

This book is dark fiction with suspense, paranormal elements and a splash of romance.



A Reverend’s call for help.
A demon hunter forced out of retirement.
A dangerous dance with evil
After a personal tragedy, Alison Stark retired from demon hunting. She first discovered her powers of expelling demons after a tragic accident. When she promised her family she’d stop hunting, Alison retreated into a quiet life with her dog and best friend—Simon.
Reverend Kyle Ellis has stumbled upon a deadly secret about Wolfpine, North Carolina. There’s an infestation of demons, and Kyle turns to a secret “Network” of demon hunters to help him rid the town of its shadowy plague.
When no other hunter responds, Kyle is forced to plead with Alison to help him with a possessed child.
Alison finally agrees, but when she arrives in town, she soon realizes that the infestation is much worse than she expected, and both she and Kyle could pay the price of that discovery with their lives.

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Brenna Hays is known for her exotic beauty and her good-natured heart towards others. She has never been able to standby and watch. If something is wrong, she has always spoken up. A little too loud at times. Like this time.

Her big heart and even bigger temper have landed her in hot water with the Council. She has been ordered to anger management classes effective immediately with no chance of weaseling out of them. She isn’t happy with the order, but it isn’t the end of the world… or is it?

She has found herself in a room full of hotheads with emotions exploding frequently. Her childhood crush, Landen Pelipa, has decided to sit next to her during all the classes making it hard for her to focus on anything but him. And, as though her hormones weren’t sizzling enough, life has thrown her a very sexy Dr. Liam Colby to teach the mandated anger management classes.

Will Brenna be able to keep her emotions at bay? Or will there be another explosion of emotions landing her into even hotter water?

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Kissing sexy couple in embrace in studio


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It should have been her undercover, instead of Sandy. Agent Tiffany Johnson is left with the blame of Sandy weighing heavily on her shoulders. With her shrink sleeping with her best friend and compromising morals, she turns to a new man in town to help take her mind off of things. Will Tiffany be able to keep things strictly sexual or will she let her emotions get involved?

Healing the Badge 2019

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Hello, lovelies. Wondering where I’ve been? Well, I’ve been up to no good… as usual 😉 Here is my new release with Author Ella Rose. I wrote under the pen name “Kate Linn”



18+ Readers.

This two-story collection has it all. I.e. Fairytale, reverse harem, erotic romance, sci-fi romance, fantasy. The works.

Once Upon a Star…

Two women find themselves wishing for more than the future being laid out in front of them. What they find may be way more than they ever expected.

Snow White & the Seven Alien Barbarians by Ella Rose, Author

Eirwyn Snow was living a classic fairytale — a vapid, loveless existence capped off with a dead mother as a child, a passive father, and an evil stepmother. The only person she’d been able to count on was her bodyguard, Donald Sledge — until he followed the step-witch’s orders and kidnapped her onto a space-pirate ship.
Jettisoned and crash-landed on an unknown planet, she finds herself spending her days completing household chores and her nights surrounded by seven alien barbarians. Eirwyn struggles between the life she left behind and the possibility of the new one in front of her. Will fear snatch away her happily ever after before she has the chance to decide?

Little Red & the Big Bad Wolves by Author Kate Linn
Redell Preston’s mother always told her to stay on the path of life. However, with her mother’s death, Redell is ready to move forward and see what other paths are out there. However, the path she chooses leads her to eight very sexy males from a different planet, who are heading down the same path as her. Timid about the new world around her, she begins to question if she can give her heart to one male, let alone eight.

Will Redell scurry off the path to head a different direction or will Redell accept the path in front of her and travel side by side with the eight the universe has sent her?

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