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I am so ashamed that I have neglected my blog since November 7th! (O-M-G!) Where have I been? Oh, wait. I’ve been busy working on my next two books. I cannot wait to share them with you.

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With the new year here, I’d like to wish you all the best in the days to come. You are amazing and can do anything you set your mind to! Remember that always.

Love Always,


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The Movement of Music

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!

Today’s blog is going to be different from the ones that I have done in the past. For those of you who have been following me for a while, know that I suffer from extreme depression, anxiety, and have battled with the thoughts of suicide for years. Before I was able to get the mental health help that I needed, I had to find other ways to battle the demons. One of those things that helped (and still helps me) was music in a variety of forms. The artist Pink was one of the most influential artists to pull me through my years. No matter where I found myself, if I was having a breakdown, tears and all, I would start singing one of her songs to myself. Letting my emotions out with each note that I sang. Her music pulled me through a lot of dark times. 

My baby cousin, Crystal, has her dark days as well. Whenever she is feeling down, I’m always suggesting that she listens to music. Her go-to man is Brenden Urie of Panic of the Disco. I’m usually teasing her about her obsession, but honestly, her love for Panic of the Disco is just like my love for the artist Pink. 

I asked her to email me what has made her happy lately so I could blog it. (She is a serious entertainment nut, but refuses to do a blog or vlog, like I suggest so I’m doing it for her. lol) This is what she emailed me:


“Something that has made me somewhat happy is that I have seen a lot of good things happening with the band panic at the disco. Whether it has been an amazing shows while touring, Brendon Urie(the front man) partnering with state farm to give back to the community, new music, covering songs etc.

I got to see the band live for the first time in July and it was amazing. Brendon’s vocal range is amazing and he always sounds great live. The energy from the crowd, him and the band mates were just amazing. He truly cares about his fans even though he doesn’t know every single one of them. It was the best concert I been too in a while. 

I’ve been a fan of panic for years and the music has helped me through hard times. Even though Brendon is only the remaining member from the original group, i’m proud how far he has come etc.

And the two new touring members get a chance to get themselves known.”

-Crystal B.




Photo Source: Crystal B.


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Does music move you the same way for the same reason? Or maybe there is something else that helps get your through your darkest hours? Whatever it is, I’m glad that you have it. We all need the special something to help us. If you ever find yourself needing a someone to talk to, I’m always here. Just send me a message. I’ll be your shoulder to lean on or cry on. In this together! ❤

Happy Wednesday! Do Great Things! I Appreciate you!





Here is my interview with S.E.Isaac

Check out my interview with Fiona Mcvie! ❤


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


 Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Hello, my name is S.E.Isaac. I am 34 years old…no. wait. 35! I think I am starting to go back down in count with each birthday I have. (HA) 😊

Fiona: Where are you from?

I was a military brat. I was born in El Paso, Texas. Then lived in Germany for six years. Then Missouri (Most of you will probably have to Google that state). Then I joined the Army. Ended up back in Texas. The Army gave me roundtrip tickets to Iraq and Afghanistan. Then Hawaii and now I am in Las Vegas. I guess you can say I am just from Earth. I think that would be a lot easier to explain.

Fiona: A little about…

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Who is crying? I’m not crying. You are.

**Taken from a blog posted by Josette Reuel Find Blog Here**



Going from the lap of luxury to an all-male war academy, wasn’t something that Kaitlyn Armistice ever imagined for herself. Trapped as a political bargaining chip between her government, the Nevan’s, and the Lynxan government, she finds herself in a scary new world at the Academy of Anguish. Struggling to control her fears, complete her assigned tasks, and to understand her attraction to her instructors, Kaitlyn forces her focus on succeeding. When success is finally within her grasp, will Kaitlyn be able to battle her way through the Academy of Anguish, hold on to a budding romance, and win the hearts of her people?


by Josette Reuel
As you know, S.E. Isaac and I are close. We are friends, critique partners, and business partners. However, I want you to understand that what I write in this review is 100% honest. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! LOL

My life has been crazy and although I have read several of S.E. Isaac’s books released before we connected, I had put off “Train to Anguish.” I can’t really explain why… maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t really clear on what genre the book was or maybe the fact that I knew how personal this book was for my friend to write, but needless to say, I didn’t read it for months. It just sat on my Kindle. Then, a couple of weeks ago I was on a  plane heading out to Las Vegas where I was going to meet up with S.E. for a writing retreat of sorts. I began the trip writing on my iPad but soon decided that it would be easier to read. I flipped through the books on my Kindle carousel and finally noticed “Train to Anguish.” What better book to read while heading out to see the author of said book.

As I delved into this unique world that appears to be a mesh of the current day United States and medieval Europe, I became engrossed in the life of the heroine of the story, Kaitlyn Armistice. This book is a coming of age, finding your place in the world, dealing with the ravages of war, coping with an abusive past, and finding love story. It really does have everything from laughter to fighting to stolen kisses. The characters were gripping and the world was mesmerizing. That was the best flight I’ve ever had as it flew by and all too soon we were landing. I started reading “Train to Anguish” and didn’t stop until the last word – as I grabbed my bags and traveled to the hotel. And, when I reached that last word my first thought was, “Why the hell didn’t I read this sooner.”

This book may fit in a bunch of sub genres, but who really cares how to categorize it? Just click the button below and go buy your own copy so you can learn why this book amazed me so much with its unique story.”

This seriously made me teary eyed. If my husband hadn’t been sitting across from me at the dining room table when I read it, I would have bawled my eyes out! This was an unexpectant review. I am beaming ear to ear. 

Happy Halloween & XoXo,

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