I had to dust of the cobwebbs. My poor laptop has gotten no action thanks to me working full-time, being a mom and being a zombie. I average 16 miles a day of walking at work. I come home to a household that is upinarms most of the time. My special needs son is regressing back to aggressive and inappropriate behavior. Life has just sucked! Truly.

I want to blog daily, just need to figure out a way to do it. My phone and blogging don’t quite seem compatible to me. But, we shall see. I may give it a try. (SIGH)

Wish I could pack a bag and disappear for a few days. Just sit under..** I couldn’t even type a full paragraph before my special needs son flipped the f*ck out :-/ I really wish that doctors would get on the same page with medications. One doctor is okay with a med, another one isn’t…so on so forth, so any time there is a switch in doctors it disrupts our ENTIRE family. Thank you mental health world. 😦 Looks like it’s back to locking up the forks, pencils, and such….


“Out on a Limb” Revamped

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Hello, lovelies! ❤

My novella, “Out on a Limb“, has had a facelift and some body work. (HA) This is a 18+

readers book due to the sexual content. This book is not for the faint at heart or nuns. You have been warned 🙂

Here is a sneak peek into the world of Aughbreigh Kelly, in “Out on a Limb”.




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I was a creature of habit and stuck to a routine. I was the perfect candidate, if someone wanted to kidnap or do harm to me. At 5 a.m., I could be found at Bodies Gym. After that, I was off to shower at my place. Before work, I’d swing by the local coffee shop, Maples, and grab a double chocolate chip Frappuccino with a blueberry muffin. Yeah, it seems like a defeated purpose for going to the gym, but it was also my reason for going.

I made it to Maples, every morning by 8 a.m., but just so happened, I was running late today. My gym card wouldn’t work and I had to hunt down a meathead to help me sign in. Thanks to this misfortune, I wouldn’t be able to sit, at a secluded table, and people watch the regulars. There were so many to watch. One in particularly fascinated me- mystery man.

He was taller than the average guy. If I had to guess, I’d say he was around 6’6’’, but I only saw him sitting down. He always arrived before me and was sitting at table when I strolled in through the door. He had an olive complexion. Both of his arms were sleeved out with miscellaneous, yet harmonious tattoos. His jawline and chin were chiseled like a statue. He wore his hair short and his eyes from afar appeared to be hazel, almost green. He always kept his baseball cap on his knee and his eyes on his laptop, which sat in front of him on the table. I had seen him for months and he never spoke to anyone. Occasionally, our eyes would meet and I would smile. He would just lower his head and go back to his work on his computer.

“Hey,” I heard a raspy deep voice from behind me say. I turned around and saw the mystery man standing behind me. I smiled politely.


“Can I treat you to this round,” he said gesturing at the coffee machines in front of us. I wasn’t expecting him to ever speak, let alone to me, “Maybe sit down and get to know one another better?” He was stuttering over his own words.

“Sorry, I can’t, but…” I began to say

“Shallow bitch,” he snarled, “Just because I have a disability, you shoot me down,” I looked him from the top of his head down to his…. prosthetic leg. I had seen it before with its decorative American flag and eagle design. I hadn’t seen it as a disability though. The fact that he thought I did was insulting. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but never shallow.


“Think just because I have a fake leg that I’m less of a man!” He was now drawing attention from those in the coffee shop. They were staring in horror at us. I finally had enough.

“Your disability had nothing to do with why,” he seemed surprised by the words that flew out of my lips harshly. “In fact, your ‘leg’,” I said throwing up air quotation marks, “makes you more man than all the men in here! Now if you excuse me, I need to get to work,” I stormed out of there before he could get another word in edgewise.

Link to the juicy read, “Out on a Limb”



Out on a Limb eCover



Again, this book   ——————————————->

is for readers 18+. I have it classed under the genre erotica.




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received_10154778541867791The day started absolutely rough. Like, so rough I wanted to go back to bed or stay home, put on headphones and clean while listening to music. Now, that’s bad!!!!! Instead, I had to take my kiddo to the specialty appointment and deal with handling things from the lobby via my phone. Not the easiest to communicate with important people, but it had to make due. Ugh. I am soooooo over this day.

Just finished doing a Beta read of two chapters. Now, I am going to work on my book. It’s coming due soon.

I have a cover reveal, next week, so get ready. It’s a book that I already published, but it needed to be revamped and to get a facelift. So I’m excited. If you are an author, I highly recommend Dark Water Cover Premades! The owner/designer is AMAZING! I won’t go anywhere else. I will be working with her on getting my already published books, new covers. Seriously, look up Dark Water Cover Premades on Facebook and tell her I sent you. You won’t be disappointed.


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**Pic was taken yesterday, while BS’ing with my baby brother via Facebook messenger. LOL**




If you’re looking for a read on ebook or paperback, my ‘Train to Anguish’ is still available –> ‘Train to Anguish’ link on Amazon 🙂




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It was an accident!

Hello, lovelies. Today is my last day off before work officially starts for me. (Those who do not know, I accepted a position and have been in training for 2 weeks). My husband has our van, so I walked my 7 year old son to school with the dog. This is where the accident happened.

While we walked, I allowed my son to play Pokemon Go, on my phone, while we walked. The roads we took to his school are lucky to have one car on it AND I had him on the inside away from the road while we walked. He was happily collecting Pokemon. The dog was happy to be out for a walk. We were almost to my son’s school, when it happened….SWEAT! I began to sweat! I had absolutely no intentions of exercising, when I woke up this morning. I swear it was an accident.

Got my son to school, the dog went into crawl mode for a 1/4 mile and then went into ‘haul ass’ mode the last 1/4 mile. I was even able to take off his leash. He went straight to our front door and waited. He did a belly flop onto the cold wood floor, as soon as he was inside. I don’t think he has asthma, but it sure sounded like it! HA. Poor Pooch.

I was sweating, pink cheeked, but not having an asthma attack so I will count that as a huge accomplishment. But, again, exercising was an accident. So, to my neighbors, don’t think you’ll see me outside doing that again, anytime soon. :p

(Just kidding, my new job involves miles and miles of walking a day….grrrr. At least, I got to practice for tomorrow, today.)

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I think my dog is broken :/



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Self-published author headaches

For those, who have been following my blog, you know that I recently have taken a step forward with the author gig. As in, I’m taking it more serious. I have been working on promoting and marketing. I came across a website just a few moments ago. The website is two years old, but has some wonderful ideas for what to put in a ‘grab bag’ for readers. I am definitely going to throw a few of these into my very first ‘grab bag’. Even if it doesn’t help my book sales, it will be fun to have a giveaway and interact with everyone. 🙂

Click here to Read Anastasia’s handy article

Are there any things that you would like to see in a ‘grab bag’? I know, I personally, would like an autographed book, a neat bag, a pen or two, and something personalized for me. That’s if I was to win a grab bag from one of my favorite authors. ❤ Would love to hear all of your thoughts on this. I plan on doing a giveaway by Halloween! Get ready.


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A little shy of having whips & chains

I have dibbled and dabbled in the darkness of erotica. Probably one of my genres to write, because I know it creeps a lot of people out; amongst other things 😉 Country Fever was my first ever novella. I, absolutely, love this book. However, it is not for the faint of heart. The following synopsis and excerpt are PG-13 parts of the book. There is a part II, Hot Springs, that would make Country Fever blush. Enjoy.



Country Fever

Link to Amazon


Struck with grief and disbelief, Kathleen Divinnicci heads back to fulfill her Uncle Paul’s dying wish. Kathleen finds herself finding more than dying wishes in Blue Mountain. Determined to keep her word to Uncle Paul, Kathleen is now faced with Sean McCarty, who is the town’s sexy sheriff and Uncle Paul’s right-hand man. Will she stick to the task at hand and head back home to the city or will Sean’s sparkling smile leave her staking claim in Blue Mountain?


Excerpt (Sorry, that I am unable to post a steamy scene, but since I can’t verify people’s ages, I am posting a PG-13)


“You son of a bitch!” My words were meant to be a whisper, but they came out in a harsh, loud scream.

“Knowing you, you probably just cussed me out.” He smiled at the thought. “Be angry with me, but don’t hold any hard feelings toward your mom. We only wanted to protect you. Kit Kat, I wish I could have told you this in person. There’s a letter in my nightstand, explaining all of this and more.”

“Get to the point, old man!” I screamed at the screen.

“I’m sure you want me to get to the point.” Lucky guess. “I’d like you to keep the ranch up and running for at least three years. I gave Sean McCarty a permanent job, and made arrangements for him to receive his monthly paycheck via deposit every first of the month. He’s a good guy, and will run the dirty work. All you have to do is run the business and money end. You’re smart, so once Sean explains it to you, I’m sure you’ll get a hang of things. After here, go to the bank and speak with Mr. Leonard Jenkins. I left you a bank account. And, Kit Kat, I promise all the money is clean.”

“Yeah, right.” I rolled my eyes.

“I mean it, Kit Kat. After you get settled in, find Sean. He gets to the ranch around four a.m. Get the other DVD I left with Sean, and take this one with you. I love you, Kit Kat.” He smiled, and as a tear slid down his face, the video stopped.

“You cowardly son of a bitch!” I popped the DVD out and then put it in my purse. “You have some real damn nerve getting me all the way out here to reveal that! I swear, if I could I’d kill your ass myself!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” a husky male voice said with a country accent from behind me.

I screamed as I turned and jumped back, stumbling over the chair. I almost fell back, but mystery man grabbed me with one arm around my waist.

“Whoa. I gotcha.”

His warmth and cool water cologne surrounded me. I slowly looked up to see the hazel eyes of my muscular hero. He was my age, maybe a little older, and a military-like haircut, fading his dirty blond hair. His skin was tanned from the sun. After living in Los Angeles for years, I could spot a fake tan anywhere. He was, as I said, muscular and smoking hot. I traveled my gaze down his neck to his badge. Oh, god, he was a cop.



Things only get steamier! Click here to go to Amazon and buy your copy, today. Country Fever is available on ebook for $0.99 and paperback for $5.99.

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S.E. Isaac








Still chugging along…

Train to Anguish

3d_1 (3)

Blurb/Excerpt/Whatever you’d like to call it :-p

Born in a world of luxury, Kaitlyn Armistice finds herself traded as a political bargaining chip between the Lynxan government and her own, Nevan government. Trapped within the walls of Academy of Anguish, an all-male war academy, Kaitlyn is forced to face all of her fears. She knows nothing of the new world around her or the opposite sex. She struggles at the tasks assigned to her and fears failing her government. She works hard to succeed, but at the end of the day, she finds herself surrounded by four walls and solitude. Will Kaitlyn be able to battle her way through the Academy of Anguish and win the hearts of her people?

Link to ‘Train to Anguish’ on Amazon


Peek into Part II of Train to Anguish below

**Other peeks into Part I can be found on my other pages on my blog 🙂 **



“Hey, asshole,” I screamed over Class 32. He turned and I kicked him straight in the face as hard as I could. He fell to the ground. I waited for him to fly back up, but he didn’t. He was out cold.

My group was on their feet and running over to me. Kurtz picked me up and placed me on his shoulders. They began doing our class battle cry and jumping all around me. I looked over at my opponent and he was still out cold. Commander Burch and War Advisor Jennings didn’t seem too concerned. I tapped Kurtz on the shoulder and he put me down. I walked over to the guy and bent down.

“Hey, you okay,” I asked. He didn’t respond. I leaned my head on his chest and didn’t hear anything. I instantly began panicking. “Call the infirmary,” I shouted and the room fell quiet. I tilted his head and began performing rescue breaths on him and compressions. “Come on! Wake up!” I kept doing breaths and compressions on him.

War Advisor Jennings, Commander Burch, and Nick were now standing over us. I ignored them and kept going. I checked his pulse and it was faint. I kept doing rescue breaths. Time seemed to stand still, as I continued doing rescue breaths. I was getting worn out, but refused to stop. I was running on empty, when suddenly he took a sharp breath. His eyes opened and he looked at me hunched over him. I let out my own breath and sat back on my heels. I was exhausted and wanted to fall out on the floor next to him.

The infirmary staff came in a few seconds later and loaded him on to a stretcher. His head turned and he looked at me. We didn’t exchange words, but I knew what he meant. He was taken out of the room and the room was still silent.

“Armistice,” War Advisor Jennings said. I looked at him. “Good job.” I didn’t say anything. I walked past him, Nick, and Commander Burch. I had enough of the games. I grabbed my boots and shirt. I made a break for the door. “Armistice!” I stopped and looked at him. “You aren’t dismissed.”

“No offense, but unless you are going to hop on the mat with me, I am done here, sir!” I walked out of the room slamming the door behind me…


Link to ‘Train to Anguish’

Available in paperback and ebook format



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