Shame On Me

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I don’t know how life keeps slipping past me. Every time I think I have my life together something arises. But I guess that is life, right? It’s shitty- Just for the record.

Ever since the dog attack, my life has seemed to become unraveled. Not completely unraveled. I guess that is the brighter side of things. It’s amazing how one pull of a thread can cause so much damage. Dog attack = depression = slacking off = more depression = slacking off more =reality kicking in = having to bust my ass to catch back up (thus why I haven’t posted in a few days. 😦 )

My wounds mentally and physically are almost all healed. I can sleep through the night without needing a sleep med. I can walk past the doggie door without freaking out. I can listen to dogs barking without looking around. So I am almost 99% functional again. (HA) My arms make people stare. They most likely think that I am a cutter. I have scars all over my forearms. They scarred really weird. However, I am just thankful that I have my life so I will take the scars and the stares ❤


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I may be going through some depression; however, that cannot stop me from being a mom. Sometimes you just have to suck it up, do what you have to do and cry later. That’s what I’ve been doing. I am open to my kiddos about my heart being broken about the dog. They just don’t know the extent of how it affected me. Does that make sense?

My kiddo with autism, mood disorder and monitored for paranoid Schizophrenia is in a new school here in Las Vegas! This school is amazing. It is a special school for kiddos just like him & it is set up like a vocational school. From Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade these kiddos learn trade skills. For example:

  • They have a mini recycling center. It has the temperature, noises, and lights set to how it would be at a real recycling center. There is a trash compactor the kiddos get to operate with supervision. The students at the school are responsible for going through the trash and separating the recyclables. Then they take it to the real recycling center! 🙂
  • Culinary/cafe class. Students there get the feel of a food trade. Faculty will go in to buy a cup of coffee. One of the students will be responsible for taking the money & out change if necessary. Then there are other students prepping the food, cooking, using the industrial dishwasher, bussing tables, being a hostess/host. Then they take field trips to a sponsoring catering company that will let those students use their learned skills in the outside world.
  • There is a garden center. All the plants that the students grow are edible so if a kiddo slips a piece in their mouth, they are still safe. (I love the fact the school took that into consideration) The students from the culinary class will place an order and the garden center students will have to gather the plants and then deliver them to the culinary class. Where the culinary student has to sign a delivery sheet 🙂
  • Laundry Center- Culinary students have to wear a uniform so after their class they have to wash the uniform
  • Independent living. They have a kitchenette, dining room set up & the student will invite a staff member to come over. then the student prepares a snack or meal. they have a conversation then the staff leaves at the end & the student cleans up the kitchen and dining room area. This is great for independence and social skills
  • Graphic designs (i.e. yearbook, magazines, fixing school website)
  • Office Center- Students get to learn to do clerical skills

I began summarizing the list because there are so many details to each of these classes/centers.

The school has sponsors like a popular culinary company here in Las Vegas, Goodwill, the trash company, and a lot of other companies in the trades that the students learn. These companies allow the high school students to go there and volunteer. Then when they are seniors, the transitioning representative from the school works with the sponsors to get the students a job before they graduate! How awesome is that!

These kiddos have special needs but are not being forgotten by the system! I absolutely love this school. Even as I write it, I am tearing up. As a special needs parent, you worry about your child’s quality of living. Don’t get me wrong, I worry about my other kiddos quality of living too. It’s just that they have it a little easier than my child with special needs. My kiddo with special needs doesn’t see the world as it is. He is super smart, but there are a lot of things, even basic things, that he has trouble comprehending. People always say, “Oh. He doesn’t look special needs.” …”Well, Susie Q, he is!” (GRRRR) That’s the problem with society. They think that being special needs is suppose to look a certain way. Just like everything else in life, it comes with diversity.

Sorry, bit of a tangent. (HA)

Anyway, I am just super blessed that my son’s path has crossed with this school. I am super excited to see where the path leads ❤


Well, I suppose I will leave you all be…for now 😉

Will post more in a bit (And I mean, today, not in a week like I did last time…sorry again)

Happy Reading & XoXO,


❤ ❤ ❤


My Latest

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For years, Faith hunted the infected vampires refusing to give up until they no longer existed. Nothing else in life mattered to Faith. Her life was simply to see an end to the rogue vampires. However, Fate had different plans for Faith. This journey that she had chosen was leading her to another purpose in life. 

The life Faith had chosen made her keep most beings away from her, except for a pack of Lierums. They had fought side by side in battles and in the end, an unexpected bond was formed. For once, she wasn’t alone, but there was only one problem. Within this pack of Lierums was Elijah. He was the only being who could ignite feelings within her that she never knew existed.

Faith is ready to flee to escape her feelings and Elijah is prepared to chase her. Will Fate be able to hold on to the reins with its plans for Faith and Elijah or will Faith slip through Fate’s hands?


The beast rattled it's cage

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Kris Rocks!

After losing my dog last month due to his actions. (read my previous blogs) I have been very depressed. I miss him even though he did what he did to me. I’ve been drowning in pity. I’ve been going through puppy fever. I want a new puppy to fill the hole in my heart.


Look what came in the mail. Not one but THREE puppies! Kris sent them to me from Alaska. She is such a sweetheart and I wanted all of you to know how awesome she is! ❤

Thank you, Kris! I love them!






❤ ❤ ❤


We Be Jammin’

28783272_2013354135600918_9084080899011365897_nThe lovely lady in this picture is my amazing friend, Josette Reuel. You have heard me praise her over her books, well now, you get to hear me praise her for her ambition and willpower. She has just become a Jamberry consultant!

Her Jamberry Website

Her Jamberry Facebook Page

She is so motivated. She has already lined up events, games, hosting parties and more. She doesn’t have a ‘stop’ button. (HA) I will be hosting one of these parties within the next 3 weeks. I will keep you updated on that. I am also attending her “Evanlea’s Jammin’ Launch Party” Facebook Event. Launch Party Event Be sure to stop by the page & take a look. It may be something that you are interested in attending. There will be fun games, giveaways and such. Josette never disappoints with her online parties! (I’ve seen her author takeovers & she kills it!) If it’s not something you are in to, maybe you can simply tell a friend or two.

These are the ones I purchased & me holding the candles is the end result. I think I did decent considering it was my first time & I’m not girly. (HA) Practice makes perfect. ❤

Link to the ones I bought





Open Shell

Today, started rocky. Can’t even lie. I did live video on Facebook explaining to my friends, family, and followers why my personality has changed a bit (go to my personal page on FB to see the video, if you’d like). In the video, I spoke about the dog attack (was our dog). This is when my depression & anxiety spread like a wildfire. I had to take sleeping pills the first week afterward because I would wake up screaming from a nightmare. The whole situation was bad from the start and ended with me hurt & him having to be put down for the attack. The littlest things make me cry because I truly miss Deuce. We have a doggy door in the house and every time I walk by it, I get teary-eyed. Going to Starbucks makes me sad because he was my ‘riding buddy’. We would take Christopher to school then head to Starbucks drive-thru. Can’t do that anymore. I have anxiety any time I go there now. I am afraid they are going to ask about my dog and where he’s been lately. If they do, I think I will have a breakdown right then and there.

It is so hard to lose a pet, especially, when the loss is euthanization for attacking you. He will forever be in my heart. 😦




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Sorry for the bummer blog, today. I just really need to pour all of these emotions out regarding this. I can’t do it when anyone is home because I need to be strong & not let them know how bad it really affected me. My kids know that my arms hurt and that I am sad over the whole thing, but they don’t know that mommy cries about it and wishes she could turn back time.

Okay, enough sad shit. I’ll post something better within the hour. Promise. ❤



❤ ❤ ❤


Leaps & Bounds of Life


Life is about choices. These choices are based on weighing the pros and cons. And sometimes these are just blind leaps and bounds into the unknown. The blind leaps and bounds can be filled with fear. You are trusting life to lead you onto a positive path that will be rewarding. Sometimes life takes a detour and leads you down a snow-covered mountain with an avalanche chugging down the mountain full speed after you to knock you flat on your ass. Even taking the path of least resistance can lead to that same mountain. People often forget that. This is just the reality of life.

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With all of that being said, I am proud to have taken a blind leap and bound with my dear friend, fellow author, and now business partner- Josette Reuel. We all have things we excel in. She is amazing in creating the perfect book cover to cover. (i.e. the cover, graphics, editing, formatting, etc.) I, on the other hand, suck at almost all of that. (sad face) However, I am quite diligent and successful at promoting authors & their work. We play well off of each other’s skills, communicate well, and are honest & respectful of each other’s feelings. We are the perfect team!


Evanlea Publishing & Design believes in providing quality services at reasonable prices. Our goal is to help authors publish, promote, and sell their books.

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If you are an author, who is looking to get a start in the book world; looking to get a book cover, editing, formatting; looking to get swag made or just need help promoting your work, then visit Evanlea Publishing Designs Website.

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This is a place to show you to a whole new world.
A world of enticing words and emotions.
A place you can connect to books.

At Evanlea’s Bookshelf, we are currently looking for BETA readers, reviewers, and book bloggers. If you are interested in any of these or just want to look at the pretty site that I am working on (Smile), here is the link Evanlea’s Bookshelf Website


Happy Reading and Leaps & Bounds (and…XoXo’s)


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