Boys. Boys. Boys.

Every morning, I wake up like the wonderful, cheerful Mary Poppins. My sons aren’t always thrilled about getting up and going to school. However, there behavior is tolerable and my patience is maintained.

After school, they have lots of energy bursting from them due to them having to maintain themselves throughout the school day. I allow this to go. It may annoy me, but I make due with it.

Dinner time is when the shift begins. It’s like a full moon, except 365 days a year. My sons are determined to piss each other off at least three million times by the time dinner arrives and ends. My personality shifts between Mrs. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. Just depends on their actions and behavior.

By the time bedtime rolls around, I have become Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations. There is no cheerful Mary Poppins. Jekyll and Hyde have crawled under a rock to hide. The Cruella de Vil me doesn’t start until after explaining/battling my autistic, schizophreniz, mood disorder, hormonal 13 years old why he needs to take a shower every day. The Cruella de Vil me doesn’t start until after explaining/battling my selective hearing eight year old as to why he needs to take a shower, not a bath, AND with soap! Then 8 o’clock rolls around, this is when all electronics get taken away, teeth are brushed, they lay down with lights out and watch tv until 9. Sounds simple right? NOT! This is when everyone wants a drink or something to eat because they’re still hungry! Hungry? (Well, your ass should have eaten all of dinner like I told you to) “Why do I have to brush my teeth every night!?!?!” Because I said so and no one wants to smell nasty ass puppy breath. “I’m not tired. Can I stay up?” No! Go to be for the love of God! I can’t take another moment and need to go back to my side of the house!!!!

At 9 o’clock, Cruella de Vil is still around except her fuse is shorter and her time is precious & limited. I complete the bedtime ritual of turning off the tv, giving them each a hug & kiss, telling them I love them, and high-tailing it to my side of the house, often my bedroom. Most of the time, when I am walking off, my sons are still pleading their case. Mama doesn’t have time for all that! GO TO BED!

Rant over! (HA)

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Mary Poppins, Jekyll, Hyde, De Vil



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Happy National Rum Day to all of my pirate and non-pirate friends! Arrrrgh!




It really is National Rum Day though. Take rum to work at your OWN risk. (HA)


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Summer Depression?

See the source imageI have seen so many posts on social media with people expressing their sudden anxiety, sadness and/or lack in doing things. I have, also, talked to several friends who have expressed the same problems. You see on shows, when it is summer time, people running around, enjoying the sun, laughing, and having a good time. But it’s just that…a show. In real life, summer is just like the other three seasons. It can bring just as many stressors. I am personally experiencing the anxiety, sadness, and lack in doing things. (Grant it, I do suffer from anxiety and depression- I do take medication for them both- however, this summer my meds aren’t helping much)

What are some of my stressors this summer?

  1. My two younger sons are out of school for summer break. They have been out of school since the end of May.
  2. One of the two younger sons has special needs. (I mention him a lot in my blogs. He has autism, mood disorder, schizophrenia, and going through PUBERTY!)
  3. Trying to entertain the boys without going financially in the hole.
  4. The two rarely like doing the same thing. One is a social butterfly and wants to play with others 24-7 and the other one wouldn’t care if everyone fell off the planet.
  5. Being an author is stressing me. I am losing interest and hope in my writing ability. It used to be fun. Now I find myself wanting to cry when I see that I have had no sales for so long.
  6. Even when I do find the spark to write, something is going crazy in my house. (i.e. youngest is mad at YouTube, 13 year old is mad at youngest who is screaming at YouTube, 13 year old is having an outburst and verbally/physically attacking me)
  7. My weight. I want to not look in the mirror and want to cry. Yes. This is a very personal stressor to share with all of you, but it is reality. I don’t want to hold back & make all of you, who are reading this think that I am ‘perfect’ in any sense. I am very unsecure. I had to go on medication for my depression/anxiety/etc. a few years back. The medication was Abilify and I gained sooooooo much weight. But it was medication that makes me gain a lot of weight or me staying with suicidal idealization. Now, I am back on track mentally (for the most part), but my weight is slapping me in the face.
  8. Because of my weight problem, I have recently cut out soda and coffee. Let me tell you, cutting myself cold turkey, during summer break, and having the boys home is/was a HORRIBLE idea.
  9. Not having date nights with the other half. It is almost impossible (unless my mother is here) to find someone who can watch AND handle my 13 year old. His track record with babysitters is the reason that I am a stay-at-home mom and cannot work. I desperately want to work. That’s another stressor…
  10. Being stuck at home all the time, unless I am with the family or grocery shopping by myself (Yay, me! Hanging out with the people in Walmart. That’s always fun and stress free. **Eye Roll**)
  11. Having no friends here. Because of my family issues, I am unable to make friends. My family is all I have. I have friends online, who I love dearly and appreciate. I just wish I was able to hangout with them face to face. Go places with them. Sit at a restaurant or bar somewhere, sipping on drinks, having a few appetizers and laughing about stupid stuff. However, I don’t have that.
  12. Jealousy of others. Seeing the posts on social media of those I know going out and doing things. Having fun. Living life to the fullest. It gets me in a slump. It isn’t their fault. And I would never blame them for sharing with the world their happiness. I’m just being a party pooper. (Shrugs)

The list can go on and on. My point is, we’re all struggling. Sometimes we need to sit down, make a list of our stressors and tackle them or at least reflect on them. I know I was reflecting on my stressors as I was typing my list. Most are out of my control. I am hoping that knowing what my stressor is that I will be able to accept it or at least cope with it since I have identified them. Does that make sense of what I am trying to say? I hope so.

Despite my super long list of stressors and chaotic life, I do want to let you all know one thing…I am ALWAYS here if you need a listening ear or shoulder to cry on. I may be multi-tasking as I do it, but I am always here. Don’t ever think that you are alone in this world. Don’t ever think that you aren’t appreciated. Don’t ever think that you have to walk alone in this world. I am here for you. Always.

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** National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number**

  • 1-800-273-8255


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Put on your dancing shoes…

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I am happy to announce that this ^^^^ will be me (Yes, all four) on August 13th! My neighbors are going to think I’m nuts. AND…I don’t care. I am so ready for summer to be over. For multiple reasons. I am well aware that school isn’t a daycare. However, it does give my children time to play with people their age. Why do I want them playing with kids their ages?

1) I do not want to play Call of Duty 24-7

2) I do not want to play nerf guns 24-7

3) I cannot afford to go “do something” every single day 24-7

4) I do not want to go swimming in the pool 24-7

5) Unlike them (my kids), I am okay with being bored 24-7

(Incase you haven’t noticed from previous blogs, I LOVE doing lists. Yes. I know. I am weird as they come. **shrugs**)

Another reason that I will be thrilled for school is the fact that World War III, in my house, will finally be over. Eight year old social butterfly, who wants to play video games, run all day and have nerf gun wars + a thirteen year old autistic, going through puberty, has mood disorder and schizophrenia = SEND IN THE EFFIN’ TANKS!

Holy hell! These two can fight about who is breathing more air than the other one. I have come to the point, where I (a) pretend to be asleep (b) pretend to be deaf to any and all noise made by them. When I don’t do or B, I find myself stressing to the breaking point. I already have depression, anxiety, etc. They are multiplying it by a thousand, when I allow them too.

And, yes, you perfect parents, I have taken away their electronics, put them in timeout, made them do consequences, etc. etc. so you can shove your good parenting advise up your…

Okay. Enough of that. How are all of you? 🙂

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You should be reading! Here’s a link to some good books 😉



Another day, another dollar…someone stole my dollar! :-(

They say, “another day, another dollar.” Have any of you received your ‘dollar’? I know that I haven’t. Sigh. Life is definitely a cheap ass. (HA)

Being an Indie Author shouldn’t be about the money…I know. But once you decide to become an “Indie Author”, you have to look for the $$$. Every little penny counts. I remember the days of enjoying to write. However, now I find myself stressing after I have checked sales reports. Then I become depressed. Feel like a failure. And, want to go into hiding. I need to quit doing that. I need to go back to enjoying to write. My life motto is: Everything happens for a reason. I need to remember that ALWAYS.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media of people feeling the same way I do about their lives. (writing, job, parenting, painting, exercising, etc.) We all need to stop stressing and just enjoy life. We aren’t getting any younger (OMG. I sound like a super old person. HA).

If you could choose one thing to do or one place to go what would it be?

Mine would be skiing or snowboarding. I’ve never been. It’s on my bucket list. I plan on checking this off my list ASAP.

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